Mat group classes: working in a small group environment, allowing individuals access to the benefits of Pilates.

Pregnancy Pilates: classes specifically designed for pregnant clients.

Private: one-on-one session.

Semi Private: duet sessions.

Reformer machine: one-on-one session. The resistance of springs  offers many Pilates exercises, that aid in addressing muscle imbalances and improves body awareness.

Wunda Chair: one-on-one session. The attraction of the Chair is that it offers a functional approach to achieve correct movement patterns.

Aqua Pilates: Aqua Pilates encourages your body to move in a different and unique way. The low impact environment with buoyancy, resistance and turbulence offer an ideal environment for a fun workout. Improving your Balance, Control and Coordination in a warm and nurturing environment will leave you refreshed, soothed and rejuvenated after this full body workout session. Aqua Pilates is also recommended for all types of rehabilitation. UNAVAILABLE TILL FURTHER NOTICE

“By awakening 1000’s of dormant muscle cells, we also awaken 1000’s of dormant brain cells.” –Joseph Pilates



Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
07:00 WP Class 06:45 BootyBarre 07:00 WP Class  08:15 WP Class
08:00 WP Class 09:00 Mat Class – WP in the City  09:15 BootyBarre
 10:00 WP Class
 16: 45 BootyBarre
 17:30 WP Class  17:30 WP Class  17:30 WP Class 17:30 WP Class
 18:30 WP Class  18:30 BootyBarre  18:30 WP Class 18:30 WP Class

*WP = Woodstock Studio underneath please add:
WP in the City = Woodstock Pilates in the CITY


Please Note: We need to assign you a class that is suitable for your abilities, so we cannot guarantee that you will receive a slot in the class that you choose from the list above. All group classes are 55 minutes in duration.


Orientation:         R150.00/ session min 3 (or if only one then R300)

Group classes:      R95.00/class (the monthly rate will be calculated each month) or R950/10pak (valid for 6 months)

Preggy classes:     R150.00/class (the monthly rate will be calculated each month)/ Duet session  R200/pp.

Private (1-on-1):   R300/ session (45 minutes) R400/ session  (1hour)

Semi private :     R200/person per session (45hour)

Reformer/Chair :  R300 per session (45 minutes) R400/ session  (1hour)

Bootybarre: Private R400/60 mins

Pay as you go class: R130/class

Aqua Pilates:  Currently not available

Please Note: Payment is required monthly, by the 5th of each month. To keep inline with inflation, we reserve  the right to increase our fees annually. We will notify you one month in advance of our annual fee increase.